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Real Good Fish was founded to support their community's fishermen, and provide greater access to families, individuals, and stewards of the ocean looking for the highest quality sustainable seafood available. As an impact enterprise, their mission is to build a community of fishermen and fish eaters working together to share the bounty of their waters, support diverse catching and eating, and ultimately support greater ocean health.

Real Good Fish places a high value on using ocean resources in a sustainable way and evolving the way our culture consumes seafood. The company partners with Monterey Public Schools to get local, under-utilized species into public schools through their Bay2Tray program. To resolve food waste in their system, Real Good Fish provide their excess fish bones to Kitchen Witch Bone Broth who create specialty seafood products that use all parts of the fish, and use under appreciated species that are landed locally such as.squid and anchovies.

Real Good Fish focuses on local purchasing as evidenced by the Real Good Fish Triple Bottom Line. More than anyone, fishermen want their children to inherit clean and healthy oceans. By investing in the local fishing industry, creation of a collaborative system of consumers and fishermen, industry and conservationists that work together to share the ocean resources is possible. Funds generated by Real Good Fish's CSF will allow local fishermen to continue to innovate in pursuit of more sustainable methods and gear types.

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Pick-up options available throughout Northern and Central California. Delivery available via Local Bounty in Northern and Central California.

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Albacore Tuna
(Thunnus alalunga)
California, USATroll
California Market Squid
(Loligo opalescens, Doryteuthis opalescens)
California, USAPurse Seine
Chinook Salmon
(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
CA-Horse Mt to US/MX Border, USATroll
Dungeness Crab
(Metacarcinus magister)
California, USAPot/Trap
(Ophiodon elongatus)
California, USAHook & Line
Pacific Herring
(Clupea pallasii)
California, USAPurse Seine
Pacific Oysters
(Crassostrea gigas)
California, USAOpen/Uncontained
Pacific Sardine
(Sardinops sagax)
California, USAPurse Seine
Petrale Sole
(Eopsetta jordani)
California, USATrawl
Red Abalone
(Haliotis rufescens)
California, USAOpen/Uncontained
(Anaplopoma fimbria)
California, USALongline
(Xiphias gladus)
California, USALongline
White Seabass
(Atractoscion nobilis)
California, USAHook & Line