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Founded in 2004, Ready Seafood Co. is a family-owned and operated lobster processor and wholesaler. Based in Portland, Maine, Ready Seafood Co. was founded by John and Brendan Ready. John and Brendan grew up on the Maine waterfront and began harvesting lobster by the time they were nine years old. John and Brendan have since taken their passion for the lobster industry and transformed it into one of the largest lobster wholesale companies in the industry.

As owner-operators, Ready Seafood personally handles every lobster from the time it comes off the boat to the time it leaves their packaging facility. Much of their lobster supply comes from the Gulf of Maine and is unloaded every day by local fishermen on Ready Seafood’s own private pier. In addition to sourcing from local boats, Ready Seafood is also supplied with fresh lobster from Canada. Ready Seafood’s purchasing department takes the time to personally meet each supplier and lobsterman – ensuring that only the finest quality lobsters are selected for market.

Ready Seafood has experienced rapid growth since 2004 and has a staff of over 50 employees. Their crews run three packing and grading shifts daily, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through their hard work, the staff at Ready Seafood can ship hundreds of thousands of pounds of live lobster and lobster meat every week to customers around the world. State of the art, live lobster holding facilities in Maine and Nova Scotia – with a capacity to hold over 200,000 pounds of live lobster each – allow Ready Seafood to fulfill unlimited sized orders and provide a consistent supply of fresh lobster year-round. 

Ready Seafood’s dedicated sales team is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality lobsters. Ready Seafood can accommodate custom orders and provides an array of packaging and shipping options to meet their customer’s needs. In addition to Ready Seafood, John and Brendan have created a sister company, Maine Seafood Ventures, which offers frozen lobster products to customers around the world. 

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