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Quixotic Farming is a family owned, environmentally conscious company that raises Tilapia without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Their operation began when they discovered the benefit and need of a fish raised safely in the United States. Their fish eat a strict, organic diet and survive in covered tanks where their living conditions are monitored around the clock, and their water is constantly being filtered and recirculated. Quixotic Farming's fish live very happy lives, and they believe that this is reflected in the taste of of their Tilapia products.

Quixotic Farming strives to promote and educate the public on responsible fishing practices, as well as provide a safe alternative to wild caught fish. They also promote the practice of Aquaponics, as they use the practice to enrich their organic crops. In addition, it is a mission of theirs to never be wasteful with their Tilapia. Quixotic Farming’s Tilapia is raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Their fish are not genetically modified and have 0% mercury. 

Quixotic Farming is proud to be able to provide their consumers with the knowledge and traceability of their Tilapia products. From their local farms to the consumers plate, each step is documented and easily accessible to the public. The company takes great comfort in knowing their fish are raised in the highest of standards right here in the United States. And they want their customers to take comfort in that as well.

At Quixotic Farming, they are proud of their fish, and proud of what they do. The company believes in the sustainability of our environment. They believe in a cleaner, safer source of protein. They believe there is a Smarter Way to Eat Fish.

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Delivery available in the United States and Canada via common carrier. Product readily available in Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Maryland, Kansas City, Denver and Georgia.

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