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Located in the pristine, cold waters of Deep Bay in Southern Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Paradise Oysters produces over 150,000 dozen oysters every year.

Baynes Sound is an “oyster paradise” offering sheltered, nutrient rich water and is world-renowned for producing delicious oysters. These waters have allowed both the oysters and the Paradise Oysters’ farm to flourish over the years. Paradise Oysters’ farm is comprised of six rafts, each holding over 200 stacks of trays filled with oysters. Throughout their years of experience, the team at Paradise Oysters has developed new techniques and tools allowing them to produce a consistent and reliable supply of their Paradise, Paradise Cove, and Chef’s Creek oysters.

Paradise Oysters is involved in the oyster’s entire journey from seed to dinner plate. Their oysters begin their lives as seeds in Paradise Oyster’s nursery system. Once the oysters reach an ideal size, they are transferred to the farm where they are placed in trays stacked 15 high and lowered into the ocean. Hanging from floating rafts throughout the farm, the oysters are lifted out of the water every six weeks and sent through the “tumbler.” This process allows the oysters to be screened while strengthening their shells and forming a desirable deep cut. After the tumbling process has been repeated three or form times, the oysters are sorted and ready for market. By perfecting these handling and processing steps, Paradise Oysters is able to deliver their oysters to dinner tables and local oysters bars fresh and full of flavor. 

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