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Founded in 2010, Pacifico Aquaculture’s vision has always been clearly set on developing a business with a foundation in responsible aquaculture. As pioneers in the cultivation of striped bass, the company knows that managing quality at every step of the growth cycle is key, starting with producing fry in their company-owned hatchery, and then carefully growing the fish to market size at their open-ocean site. These ocean-raised Pacific striped bass are responsibly farmed in low-density cages on the protected leeward side of Isla Todos Santos, nearly 10km off the coast of Ensenada, B.C, Mexico. All fish feed is sourced from responsible suppliers who utilize trimmings and other sustainable fishmeal sources in the production of their high quality feeds. Pacifico's farm site operates with the highest international sustainability standards.

The philosophy at Pacifico Aquaculture is to build a business that can provide sustainable seafood for present and future generations. Little handling, a specially designed feed, and natural flow of ocean water allows for consistently fresh and delicious fish from an all-natural, pristine environment. By providing meaningful jobs and ongoing education and training opportunities, Pacifico Aquaculture engages with and supports their local economy. Water quality is rigorously monitored, and partnerships with third party certifiers and NGOs such as the Comite de Sanidad Acuicola del Estado de Baja California allows for operations with minimal impact on the environment. 

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