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The New Zealand King Salmon Company Co Ltd. 

The team at The New Zealand King Salmon Company has been committed to providing high quality, farmed-raised Ōra King Salmon to chefs and restaurants in the US and Canada since 2012.

Located in New Zealand, Ōra King Salmon’s selective breeding program combines 20 years of husbandry practices and seven generations of king salmon. Over time this has produced more than 90 distinct king salmon families. Only those fish with the most appealing taste, texture, and color are carried forward into subsequent generations.

All Ōra King Salmon are born and raised in pristine waters at their hatchery in Takaka. Within their first year, the smolt are transferred to the deep-water bays of the Marlborough Sounds to mature in open net pens. This process mimics the natural lifecycle of wild king salmon. Each fish is fed a feed diet which contains only 10 percent fishmeal – all of which is sourced from sustainable pelagic species and is World Wildlife Fund approved for use of marine resources in aquaculture feed. Ōra King Salmon ensures a humane harvest and each fish undergoes a thorough washing, grading, and preparation process by a master grader whom reviews each salmon for size, color, and quality. 

Ōra King Salmon is dedicated to sustainability and to seafood traceability. Ōra King Salmon has achieved a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification from The Global Aquaculture Alliance. Before it leaves the farm, every fish receives an individually numbered Ōra King gill tag allowing authenticity of origin and traceability. The team at Ōra King Salmon currently has over 200,000 records for individual fish sold - dating all the way back to when the first generation was produced in 1997. 

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Distribution available in throughout the USA and Canada. To find a distributor in your area, please email Ora King salmon at

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