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Originally started as a research project at New Mexico State University (NMSU), New Mexico Shrimp Co. is a student-led aquaculture operation specializing in raising Pacific white shrimp. 

Before launching New Mexico Shrimp Co., NMSU faculty and students were working to increase the profitability of cotton by developing alternative uses for cottonseed, a protein-rich byproduct of the plant. Working in collaboration with Cotton Incorporated, a national organization working to promote the cotton industry, the NMSU team began testing the feasibility of using the protein-rich cottonseed as an alternative to traditional fish-based aquaculture feed. Shrimp were the natural candidates to test the plant-based feed on, as they are more efficient at converting the plant-based protein into an edible product. 

As the project developed over time and positive results were seen with the feed development, more and more people became interested in purchasing the shrimp that the team was producing. As a result, New Mexico Shrimp Company was officially formed in 2014. 

The student-led team at New Mexico Shrimp Co. have been raising Pacific white shrimp ever since. In addition to raising shrimp, the team also conducts ongoing research examining different techniques of raising shrimp in an inland facility as well as the economic feasibility of doing so. 

New Mexico Shrimp Co. and NMSU have also partnered with Cargill to test possible commercial production of their aquaculture feed. The company is currently expanding to a new facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico and all sale proceeds from their farmed shrimp go right back into supporting the students and their research. 

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