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We are your local New Hampshire fishermen. We've been fishing the waters off your coast for the last 400 years. We helped build the economy and our nation. But since 1976, our local seafood has been going directly to global auction, leaving New Hampshire. And more recently, drastic cuts in quotas for some groundfish species, low prices for lobster, and the continued high cost of fuel have threatened to end this proud tradition.

Alarmed about our future, fishing boats from Seabrook, Hampton, Rye Harbor and Portsmouth Harbor organized a harvest coop. For the past four years, we’ve been working together to better protect marine resources and fish more selectively. In 2010, we were given an ownership right to collectively manage the federal groundfish fishery. Each year, we create a harvesting strategy and use it to meet the strict catch limit guidelines of our operations plan.

Now that we own the resources and have control over where our product goes, we’re eager to work with New Hampshire consumers to keep our local fish in the state. We created a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to provide members with the freshest possible fish, support New Hampshire fishermen, and promote this sustainable fishery management approach.  

We urge you to join our movement to take back our vital marine resources by signing up for our CSF, eating at one of the restaurants that participate in our RSF, or signing up for our monthly updates on NHCS, fishing issues, and local food.



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Pick-up available at the Portsmouth, Exeter, Manchester and Nashua Farmers Markets in New Hampshire. Overnight delivery available via FedEx in the United States.

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Atlantic Pollock
(Pollachius virens)
New Hampshire, USABottom Gillnet
(Lophius americanus)
New Hampshire, USAGillnet
Winter Flounder
(Pseudopleuronectes americanus)
New Hampshire, USABottom Trawl
Yellowtail Flounder
(Limanda ferruginea)
New Hampshire, USAGillnet