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Ming Hong International, Inc.
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Ming Hong International, Inc. of California is a leading importer of sushi and Asian Fusion cuisine products. Its top-selling brands including Tokyo Nori, Greenland, Tetsujin, and Sakura. By focusing on top of the line products, quality assurance, and consistent improvement, Ming Hong International, Inc. has become a leading importer, manufacturer and wholesaler of Japanese sushi ingredients and other authentic Asian specialty foods in the United States. Stocked with hundreds of top-grade items, their products are welcomed in many mainstream restaurants, chain restaurants and supermarkets, and are greatly favored by top chefs in the industry as well as consumers nationwide.

Founded in 1995 by Bob Chen, Ming Hong International, Inc. was a created as a way for Bob to pursue his passion for gourmet Asian foods. After a 20-year stint as captain onboard transoceanic merchant marine ships, he decided to turn his well-traveled world knowledge and a love for Japanese and Asian cuisine into a successful wholesale business. Under his leadership, the company upholds the core values of product quality, mutual benefit, and customer satisfaction. Personally involved in every new product development, Bob has spent countless hours at the factory to perfect Ming Hong International’s products to their customer’s specifications.

Measuring their success by their ability to fulfill their customer’s needs, Ming Hong International’s knowledgeable staff have years of industry experience. To ensure on-time delivery, they maintain an in-house freezer and cooler, as well as a fleet of refrigerated trucks to meet their local customer’s needs in a quick and efficient manner. For their out of state customers, they maintain a portion of their products in cold storages in New Jersey and Florida. A network of transportation companies ensures safe and timely delivery to Canada and Mexico, as well as much of the United States.

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