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Since 2002, Mark Foods has been providing its clients with high-quality, wild-caught, and sustainable seafood. The Mark Foods team has more than 80 years combined seafood industry experience - each member of the team has extensive knowledge about the seafood products the company offers and understands the varied needs of the diverse customer base it serves.

Mark Foods’ premium products reflect the company’s commitment to seeking out and maintaining relationships with the sustainable seafood suppliers from all over the world. The company partners with suppliers from countries including New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Belize, Chile, Spain, and Iceland. This diverse supplier base, which relies on fishermen from the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean to the milder waters of the cost of Morocco and beyond, consistently delivers quality and variety.

Mark Foods works with fisheries that lead the industry in following the strict, science-based standards of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The company is the largest provider of MSC-certified Chilean sea bass in the US and is committed to protecting the healthy abundance of this fish and its habitat. As a member of the Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators (COLTO), Mark Foods has also played a part in ensuring the sustainable harvest of toothfish.

In addition to Chilean sea bass, Mark Foods offers a variety of seafood products including octopus, mussels, lobster, shrimp, black cod, conch and crab. The company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and to sourcing sustainable seafood products is further evidenced through its supplier partnerships and its support for ongoing environmental work. The conch Mark Foods offers comes from Belize and the fishermen the company partners with are CITES compliant and only fish legal size conch. Mark Foods sources its crab products from Indonesian blue swimming crab fisheries. As a member of the NFI Crab Council, Mark Foods is a part of a group whose efforts work to combat environmental challenges affecting crab sustainability in Asia. Mark Foods believes it is important to harvest crab in an ethical and sustainable way that benefits both the ecosystem and the fishermen.

The long-standing relationships that Mark Foods has developed with its suppliers and customers is built on trust and mutual respect. Mark Foods will continue to maintain these important relationships as the company recognizes that this is what allows it to remain a source of high-quality, environmentally-responsible seafood products.

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