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KUTALA means salmon in the language of the 'Namgis people. TERRA means land. And KUTERRA means salmon from the land. Kuterra Limited Partnership is also a business, fully owned by the 'Namgis First Nation, and supported in different ways by people and groups locally and internationally. Kuterra was started to show that Land Raised™ salmon is the future of sustainable salmon farming. It's the way to keep wild salmon and the waters they live in separate from farming, and the way to grow the best quality farmed fish. 

Located on Northern Vancouver Island, a kilometre from the ocean, their farm team has years of training and expertise in raising fish on land, and is excited to show the world Kuterra Atlantic salmon. Kuterra's Land Raised™ Atlantic salmon keeps the farm environment on the farm and keeps the wild environment wild. No antibiotics and no contact with the marine environment. Just the best conditions for raising great tasting Atlantic salmon. Their salmon are grown in a land-based, energy-efficient, sustainable aquaculture system that recycles water. As evidence of Kuterra's success, they were selected as a finalist in the 2013 Fish 2.0 Business Competition.  

The Kuterra mission is to bring the most environmentally sound, safe and healthy farmed salmon to people who care about the food they eat and serve to their families. 

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Atlantic Salmon
(Salmo salar)
British Columbia, CanadaClosed/Contained
Atlantic Salmon
(Salmo salar)
British Columbia, CanadaContained Recirculating System