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Kenai Red Fish Company offers sustainably harvested wild-caught Alaskan salmon with no traceable amounts of mercury, added hormones, artificial preservatives, or coloring. Their boat, the Aghileen, has been fishing in Alaska’s Cook Inlet for over 30 years and their fish are harvested with little environmental impact or impact on other species, and so that populations may continue to thrive. Fresh Kenai Red salmon is shipped to and available in Portland, Oregon in late June, and flash frozen products arrive mid-August. Kenai Red Fish Company's “catch-to-freezer” time is usually eight hours or less, and each individually packaged, vacuum-sealed fillet will remain fresh for up to eight months in the freezer. 

Kenai Red Fish Company has also formed a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to connect people with the ocean, building relationships between the fishermen and the community or shareholders. CSF members can make a financial donation to the fishing community before the season starts in return for a regular share (25 lbs) or half share (12.5 lbs) of seafood during harvest season. 

The company’s vision is to bring the highest quality, sustainably harvested salmon to those who care about a direct relationship with the fishermen, healthy eating, sustainable fishery practices, supporting a family business, and knowing where their food comes from. Kenai Red Fish Company uses Webster’s definition of sustainability: using a resource so that it is not depleted or permanently damaged, and they practice what the Marine Stewardship Council outlines as sustainable fishing. Their Cook Inlet fishery provides reliable data on the age and gender of fish populations in order to prevent exploiting juvenile fish and to maintain a healthy stock. They also take measures to prevent bycatch, have signed a regional Code of Conduct, share GPS data, and undertake operational reviews to make sure the fishery continues practicing proper management.

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Shipping available within the United States. Air cargo shipping available for fresh products, and FedEx ground shipping available for frozen products. Minimum order 50 lbs. Contact Kenai Red Fish Company for all other delivery and distribution inquiries.

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