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Since 2014, Itsumo Foods has been serving discerning customers across the United States and abroad with the finest quality yellowfin tuna. Leveraging 18 years of industry knowledge gathered in Tokyo, the tuna capital of the world, Itsumo Foods preserves the Japanese tradition of only using tuna of exquisite quality, that is minimally processed, and caught using environmentally friendly catch methods.

As a world leader in sashimi ahi production, Itsumo Foods product line also includes a variety of fresh packed meat in coconut oil, in addition to an innovative line of seasoned tuna jerky. Focused on creating products that promote the overall health and energy of their customers, Itsumo Foods only uses all natural ingredients in addition to their tuna meat.

Implementing numerous quality control techniques from catch to handling, transporting, and processing, Itsumo Foods maintains its superior quality advantage by starting with only the best raw material. Their superior end products are a direct result of a stringent procurement process overseen by Japanese fishermen, graders, and producers, with expertise and focused attention to detail. At their main facility in the Philippines, Itsumo Foods team employs their patented chemical free process to extend the life of their products, as well as to ensure it is pathogen free to yield true Japanese grade AAA #1 ahi tuna. This process ensures unsurpassed consistency, color, quality and a taste that customers deserve.

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Itsumo Tuna can be purchased online via their website, or at grocery stories nation wide including Whole Foods, Sprouts. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Gelson's, FredMeyer, My Rouses and Publix. Please contact Itsumo for a complete list of distribution options.

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