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Gulf of Maine, Inc.
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Gulf of Maine, Inc. is a small family company run by the Sheehans - Tim, Amy, Dewey, Tucker, Molly & Finn. Located in down E.Maine on the border with New Brunswick, Canada in Pembroke, Maine. The company produces specimens 365 days of the year and 24/7 as requested and uses nets, traps, boats, divers, hand collection, bycatch to harvest their products. The company's supply is a cooperative effort between the company and a local group of fishermen, divers, fish farmers, and Tim's wife and 4 kids that make this diversity available to the customers. The company does most of its harvesting in Cobscook Bay - a unique and productive marine environment that owes its bounty to the effects of a daily 20' tide! There, millions of gallons of seawater enter and leave the bay creating rich upwellings of nutrients and providing powerful flushing action. The productivity is unparalleled and the biodiversity is phenomenal! At Gulf of Maine, they pride themselves in sharing the economic benefits of this sustainable resource in our local communities. They are also proud to be stewarding and monitoring biodiversity to the benefit of future generations of all organisms that live here. In all cases, steps are followed to insure that the collections are made in a conscientious manner which will minimize the environmental impact. The focus is on sustainability. They do not collect any rare or endangered species. They are fully licensed by the Maine Dept. of Marine Resources as collectors and dealers of marine organisms.

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Truck delivery available on the US east coast. Please contact Gulf of Maine, Inc. for information on delivery outside of this area.

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Sea Scallops
(Placopecten magellanicus)
Maine, USADredge
Softshell Clams
(Mya arenaria)
Maine, USARake