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Golden Star Trading Inc.
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Golden Star Trading Inc., operating under the corporate holding Kyung Nam Trade, is a Korean seafood company specializing in catching and processing conger eels. Operating since the 1990’s from its primary headquarters in Sacheon, South Korea - Golden Star Trading Company owns and operates fishing vessels and a processing plant in South Korea, with additional offices in Japan and the United States.

As one of the largest distributors, processors, and traders in conger eel, Golden Star Trading Inc. aims to provide the safest, most delicious products, always delivered fresh. Distributing to over 200 wholesalers and retailers worldwide, Golden Star Trading Inc. exports live, fresh, and frozen conger eel to over 70 companies in Japan. Golden Star Trading Inc.'s vision is to become the best global trading company, supplying not only conger eel, but also importing and exporting the best quality seafood, providing their international clientele with a wider assortment of products.

An award winning company, Golden Star Trading Inc. has been the recipient of a number of awards including the Cheong Kyung Hae Mark by the government of Kyung Nam province, signifying that it’s a provider of wholesome and high-quality products. Additionally, they have also received recognition by the Kyung Nam Province Brand Association in 2013 as meeting the standards of an environmentally conscious company, a designation that allows them to mark their products with a 'Clean Ocean of Kyung Nam Province' label.

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Delivery available by air, ocean, or truck. Domestic and international shipping available. Please contact Golden Star Trading Inc. for more shipping options.

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