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Based in the San Francisco Bay area, FreshCatch is a Community Based Fishery (CSF) specializing in locally sourced species. This CSF works only with sustainable fishing vessels along the West Coast, all of which aim to have ocean ecosystems remain in a healthy state. By working so closely with these sustainably-minded fishermen, FreshCatch is able to provide a fully transparent supply chain to its members - the high-quality seafood it offers can be easily traced back from the time it ends up on a plate to when it was originally caught.

The seafood products found in each FreshCatch order are caught one at a time with a hook and rod. FreshCatch is promptly alerted when vessels have a good catch coming in to shore. As soon as the boats dock, their catch is loaded, portioned, packaged and delivered in less than 24 hours to homes and business in the Bay area, guaranteeing product freshness for all members of the CSF.

As a CSF, FreshCatch thinks it is important to transform how consumers interact with their seafood sources, especially when it comes to the fishermen who are catching the fish. Every order includes information on each fishermen, many of which come from fishing families. By working directly with these fishermen, FreshCatch is not only able to give them a better price on their catch, but is also able to give its members the same, fresh seafood at a better price than the grocery store.

At least once a month, FreshCatch will also host a sustainable seafood focused Pop-Up. It caters events such as crab feeds and oyster parties. The same thought and effort that goes into its seafood sourcing goes into each and every ingredient when it hosts Pop-Ups or specialty catered events.

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Direct to home. Can distribute to other processors and restaurants. Please contact FreshCatch for further information.

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California Market Squid
(Loligo opalescens, Doryteuthis opalescens)
California, USAPurse Seine
Chilipepper Rockfish
(Sebastes goodei)
California, USABottom Trawl
Chinook Salmon
(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
Alaska, USAPurse Seine
Chinook Salmon
(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
CA-Horse Mt to US/MX Border, USAHook & Line
Dungeness Crab
(Metacarcinus magister)
California, USAPot/Trap
Kumamoto Oysters
(Crassostrea sikamea)
California, USAOff-Bottom Culture
(Ophiodon elongatus)
California, USAHook & Line
Northern Anchovy
(Engraulis mordax)
California, USAPurse Seine
Pacific Cod
(Gadus macrocephalus)
Alaska, USABottom Trawl
Pacific Halibut
(Hippoglossus stenolepis)
California, USABottom Longline
Pacific Halibut
(Hippoglossus stenolepis)
Alaska, USABottom Longline
Pacific Mackerel
(Scomberomorus japonicas)
California, USAHook & Line
Pacific Oysters
(Crassostrea gigas)
California, USAOff-Bottom Culture
Pacific Sanddab
(Citharichthys sordidus)
California, USAHook & Line
Petrale Sole
(Eopsetta jordani)
California, USABottom Trawl