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Diamond Head Seafood Wholesale, Inc.
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Diamond Head Seafood Wholesale, Inc. focuses on providing its diversified local market with premium quality seafood. The company specializes in importing and exporting quality fresh and frozen seafood on a global scale, giving its customers the selection and quality they deserve.

Diamond Head Seafood Wholesale initially began in 1993 in a small office that overlooked Diamond Head near Kewalo Basin. The business quickly grew, and the company relocated to its new facility in downtown Honolulu. This facility is in an ideal location that is central to the fish auction, piers for the fishermen, airports and businesses. Diamond Head Seafood services a range of customers including supermarkets, food service, and restaurants, as well as serving military service members and their families. 

The company is doing its part to become environmentally responsible too. Diamond Head Seafood supports local and national sustainable fisheries and is exploring the use of photovoltaic panels to generate its own electricity. With the educated seafood professionals on staff, Diamond Head will continue to meet customers seafood needs while providing excellent customer service.


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