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For more than 35 years, Central Coast Seafood has been built on the foundation of family tradition where the value of customer service, high quality products and pride of a job well done are keys to success. 

Giovanni Comin, president of Central Coast Seafood, grew up in this family business. His youth was spent working with his Grandfather and Mother in their Italian family deli "Lucky's" in Santa Barbara, California. There he learned the value of customer service, specialty products, and pride of a job well done. In his teens, Giovanni began working with his stepfather, Michael DeGarimore, on the docks in Morro Bay as Central Coast Seafood began to establish itself as a distributor of the finest seafood local fishermen could produce. Giovanni witnessed first-hand the ongoing battle between the entrepreneurial dreams of fishermen and the restrictive ideals of environmentalists.

As it’s in everyone’s best interest for Earth’s Oceans to thrive, Central Coast Seafood has developed strong relationships with the Local Nature Conservancy and California Fisheries Fund and is dedicated to bridging the gap by promoting sustainable seafood through consumer education, purchasing power and creative marketing. Through these relationships, we are determined to break a new ground in the seafood industry as we are seeing tried and true fishermen sit at Central Coast Seafood’s table with the country’s brightest environmentalists.

The roots of family tradition have grown even deeper after they recently merged with Santa Monica Seafood.  Santa Monica Seafood is the largest seafood distributor in the southwestern U.S., serving quality seafood to restaurants, hotels and country clubs.  For 73 years they have been a private, family-owned business with an excellent reputation for quality, innovation, integrity and a focus on food safety and sustainability. As a division of Santa Monica Seafood, Central Coast Seafood continues to specialize in providing only the finest quality local seafood available as well as the finest of products sourced worldwide.  Together, they bring a unique blend of quality, service and experience.

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Delivered daily into Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Chinook Salmon
(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
CA-Humbug Mt to Horse Mt, USATroll
Dungeness Crab
(Metacarcinus magister)
California, USAPot/Trap
Lions-paw Scallops
(Nodipecten subnodosus)
(Anaplopoma fimbria)
California, USALongline
(Anaplopoma fimbria)
California, USAPot/Trap
Spiny Lobster (California)
(Panulirus interruptus)
California, USAPot/Trap
(Xiphias gladus)
California, USADrift Gillnet
(Xiphias gladus)
California, USAHarpoon
(Oreochromis spp., Sarotherodon spp., Tilapia spp.)
White Seabass
(Atractoscion nobilis)
California, USADrift Gillnet