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Founded in 1977, Catalina Offshore Products was once exclusively a sea urchin/uni wholesaler in both domestic sales and exports to Asia. Today Catalina Offshore Products is one of California’s premier seafood purveyors and San Diego’s only exporter of sea urchins. A primary supplier of West Coast fresh fish and shellfish, Catalina Offshore Products mainly features species found along the California coast and the Baja peninsula. Nearly 75 percent of the seafood Catalina Offshore Products sells is sustainable and much of it is sushi grade. In 2012, Catalina Offshore Products expanded by opening its Seafood Education and Nutrition Center which features a walk-in fish market, ongoing educational opportunities and special events. 

Fresh and sustainable

Most of their seafood is sourced from the pristine waters of Southern California and Baja California. In Baja, most fishing is done with hand lines from small Panga boats to save the environment and preserve our natural resources. They buy their fresh seafood directly from reputable fishermen who are trained in the strict handling procedures necessary to preserve optimum quality. Every boat contains chill tanks to ensure exceptional freshness and fish is whisked away to their plant as soon as it comes to the harbor or beach.

Our commitment

Conserving marine resources is a continuing priority at Catalina Offshore Products. Having been founded by a sea urchin diver, they've supported sea urchin fishery management for over 20 years, and have devoted full-time participation in California’s Marine Life Protection Act. Ensuring that wild fish populations stay in good condition for generations to come, they're committed to working with well-managed fisheries around the world that adhere to strict catch regulations. By example, in Baja California, they continue to support the day-boat Panga fishermen who conscientiously fish with non-invasive, traditional hand lines and low-impact hand-drawn nets.

From solar to by products

For several years they've been running almost completely on solar power, turning waste from byproducts or processing sea urchins into recreational fishing bait called Uni Butter® and Uni Goop®, and actively promoting whole fish cooking. Catalina Offshore Products often talks with customers about the different ways to cook a whole fish, as well as about lesser-known edibles such as fish collars, which are typically full of succulent meat.

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Overnight delivery available via FedEx, air freight available as well. Truck delivery available in California.

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