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Aussie Red Crab Pty Ltd is a spanner crab exporter, fishery, and processor located in Queensland, Australia. What started as a two-person operation in the 1980s, quickly grew into the largest spanner crab business in the world by the early 2000s. After a sabbatical from the industry in the mid 2000s, original founders Les and Lyn Apps returned to the business, this time launching Aussie Red Crab Pty Ltd and the Fraser Isle Spanner Crab brand.

Today Aussie Red Crab is a robust and vertically integrated production which currently fishes the largest single percentage of the Queensland spanner crab quota. The company owns its own fishing vessels, unloading wharf, live tank system and processing factory, making it an all-inclusive operation. Aussie Red Crab markets their spanner crab meat under the "Fraser Isle Spanner Crab" brand as recognition of where the company founders initially (and still do) fish for spanner crabs. While their catalog of products is limited, Aussie Red Crab is able to offer both fresh and frozen spanner crab to the United States, Canada, Asia and the South Pacific.

Protecting and maintaining the marine environment surrounding Fraser Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a top priority of Aussie Red Crab. UNESCO World Heritage sites are chosen based on their cultural and physical significance. The fishery was one of the first to be certified sustainable under the 1999 Biodiversity and Environment Protection Act and has since been recognized by environmental groups as having a zero by-catch and zero impact on the seafloor. By integrating sustainable business and environmental practices Aussie Red Crab is working to ensure that the world can enjoy Fraser Isle Spanner Crab for many years to come.

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