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AquaTerra Farms is a sustainable, aquaponics farm in Bristol, Wisconsin. They are a family owned company established by the Pigott brothers, Schuyler and Brandon, in 2009. They raise Arctic char in an indoor, bio-secure system that uses no chemicals, pesticides or artificial dyes. The nutrient-rich water is used to grow lettuce and herbs hydroponically, and the fish waste is composted into soil in raised beds. AquaTerra Farms sells to high-end grocery stores and restaurants in the Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago areas, as well as nearby farmers markets. In the future they look to expand to other states as well as offer additional varieties of fish.


The company focuses on quality and consistency, bringing reliability to the seafood market. AquaTerra Farms strives to make their environmental carbon footprint as small as possible, utilizing renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro power. All of their Arctic char are raised using a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) that is then coupled to a RAFT (revised agriculture float technology) hydroponics greenhouse to raise their plants. The small amount of water left over in the recirculation system is dispersed into a local wetland that grows wild Wisconsin rice. Only the highest quality, FDA-approved ingredients are used for the fish feed, which is designed specifically for their Arctic char.

Community activism is a big part of AquaTerra Farms’ values. AquaTerra Farms works with Eat Wisconsin Fish, which is part of the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute. The program brings awareness to consumers to the importance of supporting community efforts and eating locally-sourced products.

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Whole fish delivered on ice via refrigerated truck. Please contact AquaTerra Farms for all other delivery and distribution inquiries.

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