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Since its inception in 1998, the Andromeda Group of Castellón, Spain has been among the fastest growing group of companies in the Mediterranean aquaculture industry, with activity across Europe and with worldwide export power. With the support of a highly experienced management team and Ammera Capital Management LLC, an independent investment firm, Andromeda Group is establishing itself as the leader in Mediterranean aquaculture.

Specializing in farm-raised species that include European sea bass and meagre amongst others, their ambition has always been to offer the freshest possible Mediterranean fish to consumers in the U.S. and Europe within 48 hours of harvest. Using in-house fry, their newborn fish is the key “material” of fish farming and is labeled as fry until it reaches the weight of 10 grams. Once the fry exceeds a specific weight (usually two grams), they are transferred from the hatchery to one of Andromeda's farms, where they will grow for a period of 16-20 months until they reach market size. 

As part of their strategy to minimize the time between harvesting and packaging, Andromeda placed their processing and packaging facilities close to their aquaculture operations in order to receive and process their fish immediately after harvesting. Taking a step closer to their target of offering consumers the freshest fish, they developed the principle of ‘night harvesting and morning deliveries.' All packaged products are labeled with a unique barcode number, providing full traceability of their products from raw material to delivery of the final product and vice-versa.

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