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Alaska Weathervane Seafoods
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Alaska Weathervane Seafoods was formed by three of the Alaska Weathervane Scallop fishing boats, and their crews, united by their passion for sharing the sweetest, all-natural scallops in the world. With the Alaska Scallop Fishery being managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, with oversight from the National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Weathervane Seafoods is able to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the best seafood that this planet has to offer by following strict guidelines for sustainable harvesting.

Everything from catching and shucking, to cleaning and packaging happen aboard Alaska Weathervane Seafoods vessels, with rapid-deep-freezing of their catch happening within four hours of capture. This process allows the natural sweet flavor, and delicate texture of the scallop to be preserved until it makes its way to their customers plate. Dedicated to delivering high quality scallops that have been fished sustainably in a manner respectful to the environment and other fisheries, Alaska Weathervane Seafoods does not adulterate their scallops by soaking them in water or chemicals, nor do they allow their buyers to make such adulterations to the products. This commitment to quality ensures has made their seafood a prized item in five-star restaurants and markets not only in Alaska and Northwestern USA, but around the world.

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Truck delivery out of Seattle, Washington available nationwide.

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Weathervane Scallops
(Patinopecten caurinus)
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