Seafood Search Tips

Product Directory

The Product Directory is our index of all the different seafood on by species. This is a great way to find seafood if you are only looking for information on a specific type of species and for species for which the number of listings on our website for a given species is relatively small. By clicking on the name of the species it will take you to the listings which can be further sorted.

Seafood Search

The Seafood Search is the home of all of our product listings and is the place you end up when you start at the Product Directory and is especially useful for seafood speices (or categories) that have dozens of listings. The Seafood Search allows you to search for seafood by a specific species (sockeye salmon), a species group (salmon), or a seafood category (finfish). To start select either a finfish or shellfish selection.

After selecting either a finfish or shellfish option, there are three different categories by which products can filtered on the using the Advanced Search*:

  • Product Attributes - narrow products by fresh/frozen, wild/farmed, seasonal availabiltiy, seafood origin, and product form. Many fresh and frozen products are duplicate listings from the same supplier and fishery, so selecting whether you are looking for a fresh or frozen product to start, will be one of the quickest ways to narrow down your search.
  • Supplier Attributes - narrow products by the industry activity, distribution region(s), and proximity to your location
  • Sustainability Attributes - narrow products by sustainability ratings and scores &/or by sustainable seafood certifications

*Please make sure to clear your search when using the advanced search feature by using the lighter blue clear button.

Supplier Directory

The Supplier Directory is a good place to start when you are interested in a specific supplier or a specific type of supplier. This diretory of all the suppliers on includes their state/province of origin (usually) and their country location. The directory can be filtered by the supplier's industry activity (processor, distributor, etc...) and/or the supplier's distribution region, and sorted alphabetically or geographically. After selecting a supplier in the directory, you will go to their profile page which includes a list of all of their seafood items listed on

Seafood Guides

The Seafood Guides section on FishChoice is a great place to start if you are learning about a new item or wanting updated information on a species you are already familiar with. The section is broken down by finfish or shellfish, and on each page, there is a link to those products that takes you to the search area.