GM Salmon

GM Salmon Overview

Company: AquaBounty Technologies
Brand: AquAdvantage
Species: Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
AKA: GE Salmon, GMO Salmon, Frankenfish 

What is it?

The salmon is introduced to a gene that enables the fish to grow to market size in half the time (16-18 months as opposed to 3 years) 

status as of December 2015:

  • Fish is farmed in a land-locked facility in Peru
  • Production is 100 tons/year with global farmed salmon production of 230,000 tons
  • Tests conducted by AquaBounty show that 99% of fish treated with the gene were sterile
  • AquaBounty spent 19 years pursuing FDA approval of the AquAdvantage technology
  • The FDA approved the new animal drug application on November 19, 2015

Why is it important?

  • First GM animal approved for human consumption
  • If the genetically modified fish were to interact with wild populations, the impact is likely irreversible
  • Current labeling laws would not require this fish to be labeled differently than non-GM salmon
  • The Center for Food Safety is filing a lawsuit against the FDA for the approval of AquAdvantage
  • Nearly 2 million people filed public comments opposing the FDA approval of GM salmon
  • 60 retail chains, representing over 9,000 locations have agreed not to sell the salmon
  • The lack of labeling reduces consumer trust and will likely lead to consumers decline in overall seafood purchasing
  • 35 other species of GE fish are being developed around the world including trout, catfish, tilapia, striped bass, flounder, and other salmon species (CFS Fact Sheet Jan, 2013)


Who is involved? 

Center for Food Safety 

Friend of the Earth

Food and Water Watch

  • Petition to veto current FDA decision still possible through Congress and The White House