Global Seafood Ratings Alliance

The Global Seafood Ratings Alliance (GSRA) is a network of public-facing seafood ratings programs and supporting organizations. The GSRA includes ratings programs from China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, USA, and Canada.

The two overarching goals of this alliance are:

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Seafood Rating Organizations (SROs)
Increase the standing and leverage of SROs within their spheres of influence and globally

The GSRA has outlined four objectives to guide collaboration:

  • Provide a forum to exchange information and innovations between Members in relation to issues of seafood sustainability, seafood improvement, and rating systems;
  • Improve program collaboration and coordination to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of members in their spheres of influence;
  • Provide practical support for Members to work progressively towards agreement on core elements of wild-caught and aquaculture seafood sustainability, to improve the overall global impact of NGO seafood programs;
  • Coordinate where appropriate on business and consumer-focused strategies and seafood product advice related to ratings and improvement

In addition to the above objectives, the GSRA's current goals include:

Short-term: The GSRA is working to identify core elements that seafood ratings programs should have in place to assess wild and farmed seafood.
On-going: The GSRA is also working in on-going collective action to work on priority species, engaging businesses in both domestic and international markets, and to elevate awareness of sustainable seafood issues at key global events.
Long-term: The GSRA is also exploring an ambitious long-term goal of a single ‘global seafood sustainability standard’ that could be used by member organizations and would establish a consistent framework globally.

FishChoice is part of the GSRA because of our work in aggregating and aligning seafood assessments information from multiple sources into one place for the seafood industry. We are excited to be at the table and working with the following organizations working towards the above-stated goals and objectives: