FishChoice Unveils Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Finder

Nearly 400 Restaurants in the U.S. Take Sustainable Seafood Seriously

Sustainable Seafood Restaurants

Fort Collins, CO – October 10, 2017. In celebration of National Seafood Month, has unveiled an online Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Finder map and guide of 396 restaurants across more than 30 U.S. states currently working in partnership with regional and national organizations on sustainable seafood. 

The collection of programs that are working with these restaurants are: Audubon G.U.L.F., Good Catch (South Carolina Aquarium), Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Marine Stewardship Council, Seafood Watch (Monterey Bay Aquarium), Seattle Aquarium, Sensible Seafood (Virginia Aquarium), Shedd Aquarium, and Smart Catch (James Beard Foundation). The FishChoice Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Finder online map also includes the Ocean Wise program in Canada which has over 1,000 restaurant partners across Canada. 

The online map shows the name of the restaurant with a website link (where applicable) and a tag of which program the restaurant is working with. Additionally, each program has their own program-specific restaurant map on their program page. Major national chains and various institutional dining services are currently not included on the map.

“We decided to put this map together because we want to further recognize both the programs and restaurants working with these programs for their efforts in sustainable seafood. Although we hope this may be a benefit to consumers, our ultimate goal is that more restaurants across more states will work with these regional and national programs so next year all 50 states are represented and this list grows exponentially. Tackling sustainable seafood can be difficult for an independent restaurant, and these programs are making a difference.” said Justin Boevers, Director of Operations for

Many of these restaurants have also begun to use the recently released My FishChoice Sustainability Assessment to manage and track the sustainability of their seafood. The restaurants are using the assessment tool as part of their involvement with some of the programs as well as independently.  

About FishChoice

FishChoice, Inc. (FCI) is a registered 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit founded in 2008 that is dedicated to helping businesses advance their seafood sustainability efforts on their own. FishChoice creates tools and provides resources that make it easier for businesses to buy and sell sustainable seafood. By collaborating with both the leading sustainable seafood programs and leaders in the seafood industry, FishChoice advances sustainability in the global seafood industry. For more information please visit