FishChoice COVID-19 Response

FishChoice understands the challenges happening in our industry due to COVID-19. Many seafood businesses are adjusting to the changes by offering direct and online sales. has added the ability to note that your business provides online sales and the ability to search our Partner Directory by companies providing online sales as well as by region. 

For Businesses:

Current FishChoice Partners can log into their accounts and update their business information to reflect they offer online sales by selecting “Online Retail” as an Industry Activity and “Online” as a Distribution Region in the My Business section of their dashboard.

If your business is not yet on as a FishChoice Partner, you can get started by creating an account and by adding your business and product information to the site using the My Business and My Products sections of your dashboard, respectively. Please be sure to select the publish option once you have completed these steps or your information will remain private.

For Buyers (and consumers):

You can search our Partner Directory and filter the “Business Type” by “Online Retail” and/or filter the “Regions” section on the Partner Directory to “Online” to provide a list of companies that sell direct online. You will see a link to the company’s website in the company profile.