FishChoice and FishWatch Work Together

FishChoice and FishWatch Start Working Together on Sustainable Seafood 

Online Sustainable Seafood Directory is Now Including NOAA Stock Status Scores

Fort Collins, CO – September 20, 2011., a nonprofit dedicated to helping the seafood supply chain buy and sell sustainable seafood, and FishWatch, a program of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), have entered into a formal working relationship to include NMFS Fish Stock Sustainability Index (FSSI) scores on seafood product listings on

 “We know that seafood buyers want sustainability information from the government along with information from the NGO community. We think that integrating the FSSI scores with the other sustainability information on our product detail pages will further help eliminate confusion around responsible sourcing,” says Richard Boot, President of FishChoice. INSERT FISHWATCH/NOAA QUOTE.

NOAA’s FSSI scores represent the current status of a given stock with respect to being overfished and if overfishing is occurring. The score takes into account if both the overfishing and overfished status is known for a stock and then if either or both overfished and overfishing is currently occurring. The scores vary from zero to a maximum of four. FishChoice will include the FSSI scores alongside available NGO ratings and certifications from organizations that include Seafood Watch, Blue Ocean Institute, and the Marine Stewardship Council.  

The website includes descriptions of sustainable seafood programs and other information for the seafood supply chain and the seafood directory currently has over 1,300 product listings from well over 200 suppliers across 150+ species of seafood with new products added every week. The website is free to use, requires a simple registration process, and has amassed over 2,200 registered users in its first two years. 

Buyers like the site because FishChoice offers product searches by species and source origin, aggregates all the sustainability information in one place, and includes it with every product listing. “We know that seafood buyers want to find sustainable seafood and we are excited that our product directory has become part of that solution,” says Richard Boot, founder and president of FishChoice. For more information visit 



FishChoice, Inc. (FCI) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is funded by private foundations.  FishChoice works directly with Seafood Watch, Blue Ocean Institute, SeaChoice, New England Aquarium, FishWise and the Marine Stewardship Council in providing science-based, up to date sustainable seafood information. For more information please visit