Become a FishChoice Supplier

What is a FishChoice Supplier Member?

FishChoice rewards those businesses who sell sustainable seafood by showcasing both the company and its products to an audience of interested seafood professionals. This is done through a dedicated page for a company profile and individual pages for each product listing provided. Companies at all levels of the seafood supply chain are eligible to become supplier members: fishers, aquaculture operators, processors, distributors, etc…

Seafood suppliers become members by working directly with FishChoice to create their supplier profile and to add sustainable seafood products. Once your information is online, seafood buyers have instant access to transparent information on your company and products. For your existing customers, the website is a simple way for them to get up-to-date sustainability information for listed products. Potential customers can contact suppliers either by phone or via an online contact form.

Why Join?

FishChoice Supplier Member Program is increasingly becoming the most in-depth resource for seafood company and product information anywhere on the Internet. As a FishChoice Supplier Member your company and products are part of a sustainable seafood information and resource hub that reaches a community of nearly 4,000 seafood professionals. These professionals include individuals from industry, government, academia, and NGOs. 

Your participation on contributes to raising awareness of the importance of sustainable seafood. By including your company on you are demonstrating that you value the importance of environmentally-responsible seafood production. This value will be communicated to your current and potential customers alongside hundreds of other like-minded businesses.  

Creating Your Membership

Please contact us and when we get back to you, be prepared to have the following information:

  • Supplier Contact - the person who works with us directly and will be listed as the contact for your profile and products
  • Company information - usually the 'About Us' information on your website as well as important policies, etc... regarding sustainability of seafood. We also include distribution area, delivery options, and other information you may want.
  • Product Sources - each listing includes the species, origin(s), and fishing/farming method(s). Products are listed individually by source fishery/fisheries and include all the different forms and sizes that correspond with that source. In some cases this may a single listing for a species, in cases where a species you sell comes from multiple fisheries, it will be separated if the sustainability assessments are different. We are responsible for keeping the sustainability of your products up-to-date based on the source information you provided. 
  • Product Details - we want to include product forms, sizes, seasonal availability, minimum order and other information. The goal is to provide as many details as possible so potential buyers know if your product meets their specifications. 
  • Activation - once we receive all the information, it usually takes a week or two to add your profile and products to the website. When you are added to the website you receive an email with an onboarding kit that provides details for managing your account moving forward and how to implement your membership. 

Supplier Membership Details

Your supplier membership includes the following:

  • A listing in our Supplier Directory and a pin on our Supplier Map
  • A dedicated page for your company including your logo, direct contact information, and links to your website and social media channels as appropriate
  • Use of FishChoice supplier member graphics for use on your website or promotional material
  • Eligibility for an exclusive FishChoice Featured Supplier story that goes out in our newsletter and is linked to your supplier profile
  • Up-to-date sustainability ratings, scores, and certifications on the products you include on our website
  • Alerts for when sustainability assessments for your products are changed or updated
  • An initial mention in FishChoice's semi-monthly newsletter upon joining
  • Receipt of FishChoice's Supplier Member newsletter

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