Become a FishChoice Member

FishChoice Supplier Membership:

FishChoice Supplier MemberFishChoice rewards those businesses who sell sustainable seafood by showcasing both the company and its products to an audience of interested seafood professionals. This is done through a dedicated page for a company profile and individual pages for each product listing provided. Companies at all levels of the seafood supply chain are eligible to become supplier members: fishers, aquaculture operators, processors, distributors, etc…

Seafood suppliers become members by working directly with FishChoice to create their supplier profile and to add sustainable seafood products. Once your information is online, seafood buyers have instant access to transparent information on your company and products. For your existing customers, the website is a simple way for them to get up-to-date sustainability information for listed products. Potential customers can contact suppliers either by phone or via an online contact form. Learn more here.

FishChoice Business Membership:

FishChoice Business MemberAny organization or individual, including non-businesses can become a FishChoice Business Member. Our business member platform is designed for consumer-facing businesses and specifically grocers, restaurants, chefs, and companies in seafood distribution. Our platform is also used by other NGOs, academic institutions, public sector agencies, and private individuals. If you work in fisheries, aquaculture, seafood, or are just passionate about sustainable food, a free FishChoice membership will be beneficial. Learn more here.

New: Instant Access to My FishChoice

   In 2015, launched a new application on the website enabling both our supplier members and our business members to track content on For suppliers, the key benefit is the abilty to identify all the sourcing information of their products in one place providing an up-to-date sustainable seafood product report. For businesses, the key benefit is the ability to track products from multiple suppliers in one place providing an up-to-date sustainable seafood product report. Learn more here.